Deodorant Application Tips

Deodorant Application Tips
August 12, 2017 Stinkbug Naturals

Here are some tips and simple application directions for those new to using Stinkbug products.

Hold the stick to your skin for a couple seconds to allow the coconut oil to warm and then you only need to apply 1 or 2 swipes. Less is more! Stinkbug contains quite a bit of baking soda which massively eliminates odor naturally…and you get more bank for your buck.

Being that our deodorants are coconut oil-based, store below 80 degrees.

Give it time to work! Especially if you are switching from an anti-perspirant because the aluminum found in anti-perspirants and other “natural” deodorants clogs pores. Your body needs an opportunity to sweat and detox. Two weeks at most should do the trick!

Comments (5)

  1. terri hippensteel 6 years ago

    This is the only natural deodorant I have found that actually works on me! I am excited to find natural products with no chemicals involved! Thank you!

  2. rebeccahbroc 5 years ago

    This is, indeed the only stock that works for me as well. I have used at least 20 different brands over the years. I’m a huge fan!!! Bravo!

  3. rebeccahbroc 5 years ago

    You should have a discounted automatic ship program

    • wpadmin 5 years ago

      Excellent idea!

  4. Christine Clements 5 years ago

    Your product is wonderful!

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