LY (Retrieved from Costco.com)

We purchased the mixed scents. It works on my husband. He tried mostly all non-all-natural deodorants on the market and they either don’t work, or just smell really artificial. Stinkbug smells really natural and pleasant. And he doesn’t smell anymore in and after the gym! And it uses coconut oil, which is so beneficiary for fighting bacteria!

LS  (Retrieved from Costco.com)

I’ve been wearing this deodorant exclusively for a month now. Wow! I could not be more impressed. I was having really itchy armpits for years. Tried new soaps, different deodorants and antiperspirants. But the itch persisted and the more I sweated, the worse the itch. Found this at Costco. Took a chance because of the great Costco return policy. I can say, it feels like a miracle. I love the product and it appears to be lasting actually longer than a typical off the shelf deodorant. A little goes a long way and zero body odor. None.The but the best of all, the itch is completely gone. Gone. After years of itchy misery… finally, relief. Thanks Stinkbug.

Glory (Retrieved from Costco.com)

It is very hard to find any deodorant without aluminum, let alone one that actually works, but this one sure does! I only do 2 swipes as the container says and at first it didn’t seem to work but after a week or so (probably had to detox out all the chemicals) it works so well that I can even skip a day without smelling. I shower in the evening so I put it on in the morning and it lasts all day. Have bought 2 more packages and given so many away. I like the lavender. Thanks Costco!

Abetterworld (Retrieved from Costco.com)

I live on a mountain, and do a lot of hiking, so can really put a deodorant to the test in summer months. Of the mixed assortment all performed well EXCEPT for lavendar flavor. I stunk to high heaven most of the day when using lavendar. Body chemistry must really come into play, as the only other 4 star review stated the exact opposite.On another note I used tangerine spice on a wasp sting, as it was near my arm pit. It actually did a nice job of stopping the itch for a few hours (who would have thought).I actually could skip a day using tangerine spice in the jar. Overall, good product that I would buy again in a heartbeat.

MamaEnnen (Retrieved from Costco.com)

I was previously a consumer of antiperspirant deodorants with guarantees of 24 hours dry/no smell. In an effort to avoid aluminum I have been trying natural deodorants for years but have always had to go back. THIS ONE WORKS! I no longer will be going back :). It is 90 here today and I spent the afternoon outside. No smell! I also use it on my chest. Yes I still sweat underarms, but no more than my chest or back. I have less body odor today than I used to at this point in the day with the aluminum brands. Give it two weeks, you won’t regret it.

Total-Quality-is-King (Retrieved from Amazon.com)

Price hikes to my former go to Jungleman, caused me to look around. There are some really expensive options that probably work very well. The problem is just that, they are very expensive. I also assure you that there are Natural product that will let you down in a very embarrassing way. I am an athletic outdoorsy type guy who sweats easily and profusely. The chemical pool aluminum laden antiperspirants are not something that I will ever consider again. Natural deodorants allow your body to sweat naturally however you’re body manufactures sweat. The problem is that underarm bacteria love to eat the sweat and excrete funky, stinky, byproducts of their digestive process. So for me, more sweat equals a big smelly problem if not manganged properly. Trying new deodorants makes me nervous to the point where I try them out in a more private setting to see what happens. I tried Stinkbug Natural Tea Tree deodorant during a demanding home workout. Sniff test and… Nada. No funky hippie syndrome. I tried it again and again and success after success after success. This deodorant is fantastic. For a guy like me I chose the tea tree infused deodorant for the additional antimicrobial aspects of tea tree oil. It has a muted natural scent that will leave you pits smelling fresh clean normal skin. This product smells great to your nose and doesn’t smell like a stinker to your pockets.

Elzia (Retrieved from Amazon.com)

Best “natural” deodorant I have tried that works. Found it in my local Whole Foods. I had tried other “natural” kinds but they were really slimy and “wet” to the point I started chaffing in my pits. I like all of the ingredients on this one and decided to try it and it works great. I’m an active person, workout 6+ times a week and I essentially apply it once. I work out first thing (early)in the morning, if I see the deodorant before heading out I apply but most of the time I’m running out. I sweat a lot and no body odor issues even when I forget to reapply when working out (essentially 24 hrs since last application). I use it after I shower, just once during the day. I bought 2 to carry one in my purse in the case that I needed to reapply but it didn’t happen. I love Tea Tree so this is perfect for me, Lavender is a bit stronger but pleasant smell that I notice more during the day. The reason for 4 stars is that since it is coconut oil base, it leaves the pits in my shirt oily but washes right off. My other deodorant did that though but left a weird yellow stain, but I am a bit healthier at least.

RH (Retrieved from Amazon.com)

Updated review: Apparently i was overusing the product. You only need one swipe, and then you’ll want to rub it in and distribute it a little bit. There is a slight sticky feeling, but when you use the right amount, it’s minor and goes away after about an hour. It has done a surprisingly good job of eliminating my man sweat, even on days when I am doing hard physical labor. Works into the next day too. While it doesn’t feel as “clean” as typical deodorants/ antiperspirants, I feel better knowing that I am not putting aluminum into my body and other harsh chemicals. It actually is “cleaner” it just applies in a way that takes a little getting used to. Don’t do more than one swipe and you should be fairly happy.

DM (Retrieved from Amazon.com)

I’m really particular with deodorant and have used Kiehl’s for many years as I found that to be one of the best and most affective on the market. I am however a very organic person and wanted something aluminum free and better for the body. I tried this and absolutely love it. For me it lasts all day and I live in Florida. I like the unscented because sometimes the scent mixed with body sweat can give an unpleasant odor that unscented doesn’t do. –

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