I’d decided, about 8 years ago, to ditch the antiperspirant for deodorant, because I wanted to stop smearing aluminum under my armpits. I’m a 50+ woman, and, as you would imagine, I sometimes perspire a LOT. I work part-time in a production environment, and in the summer, the heat is pretty bad. I’d been able to have some mediocre level of satisfaction with other deodorants, but never at work; within an hour on the floor, I couldn’t stand my own smell, and had considered switching back to antiperspirants just for work (but I REALLY didn’t want to do this.) I started to experiment with different brands. The first time I saw Stinkbug was at Walmart (and my local Walmart no longer carries it). I bought the lavender (because I really like the smell of natural lavender) and I will never use anything else again, if I can help it. I don’t stink at work anymore, even in the summer. It’s unbelievable. I’m so glad this is available through Amazon now!!!



I have used Schmidts, Toms, Kiss My Face, and a handful of other brands of aluminum free deo and made my own as well. This one irritated less than Schmidt, scent strength about the same. Key is to use natural deodorant differently…not right after shower and with a single stroke instead of multiple back and forth. The other brands might have been less irritating that way too, but Stinkbug was the first to send those instructions and they work to ease irritation. I have not had problems with staining, and I like the value of the multipack option. It does go on a bit waxy, but I have found all aluminum free deo with minimal ingredients to work that way unless it is a paste type that you can warm up in your hand first. You get used to it…

This stuff works great for both my husband and myself. We have used Toms in the past and have to constantly reapply. Don’t need to do that with this one. No stinky armpits all day long! No rashes for either of us as well. We love this stuff!

I have tried many many “all natural” deodorants… I was in the store and a representative was there showing this brand… At first I was like um Stinkbug? Those annoying flying bugs? Yuck. No way. Then I realized it was calling me a stink bug.. how rude. I smelled a few and hesitated on buying one. Then I realized they were local, that sealed it. I love supporting local companies. It was the best decision. I have went back several times and even when I didn’t need it, grabbed another. It held up in the blistering heat of Texas. It also held up to my teenage boy, and if you have a teenage boy you know the natural funk that occurs especially with sports! My husband makes fun of my hippy ways but even he loves it. If you stink, or know someone who does, love them enough to buy them some stinkbug!!


I’ve tried many other natural deodorants in the past. I’m switching from Dove unscented. Initially the lavender scent was a bit strong, but I’ve gotten used to it now. I kept it with me during the first week or so, in case I needed to reapply at work. This is week four and it’s working out! Thank you!


The reviews seem pretty split, but I have been happy with this product! I tried another brand of lavender scented natural deodorant before this one, and the other brand was scratchy and irritated my skin unless I heated the product with a hair dryer first! Then I tried this Stinkbug brand, and I love how smooth the application is. If it is a cold day, I do need to hold it under my arm for a few seconds before applying to warm the product, but usually I can just apply it without any trouble and it glides on easily. I have not had any problems with irritation using this brand, and it has done its job in keeping me fresh! I finished a whole stick and am ordering more.

Price hikes to my former go to Jungleman, caused me to look around. There are some really expensive options that probably work very well. The problem is just that, they are very expensive. I also assure you that there are Natural product that will let you down in a very embarrassing way. I am an athletic outdoorsy type guy who sweats easily and profusely. The chemical pool aluminum laden antiperspirants are not something that I will ever consider again. Natural deodorants allow your body to sweat naturally however you’re body manufactures sweat. The problem is that underarm bacteria love to eat the sweat and excrete funky, stinky, byproducts of their digestive process. So for me, more sweat equals a big smelly problem if not manganged properly. Trying new deodorants makes me nervous to the point where I try them out in a more private setting to see what happens. I tried Stinkbug Natural Tea Tree deodorant during a demanding home workout. Sniff test and… Nada. No funky hippie syndrome. I tried it again and again and success after success after success. This deodorant is fantastic. For a guy like me I chose the tea tree infused deodorant for the additional antimicrobial aspects of tea tree oil. It has a muted natural scent that will leave you pits smelling fresh clean normal skin. This product smells great to your nose and doesn’t smell like a stinker to your pockets.

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Love Stink Bug Naturals! I recently purchased the Floral Lime cream deodorant, the Lavender stick deodorant, and the Peppermint lip balm. I absolutely love everything. I live in the south and the humidity is off the charts right now and each deodorant performs extremely well. I have tried other all natural deodorants and this by far is the best! Also, the lip balm is great! It makes my lips feel soft and doesn’t “cake up”. I will definitely purchase these items again! �


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