Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant (Travel Size)
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Our travel size Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin. It contains organic coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and odor causing bacteria, magnesium hydroxide which eliminates odors, and activated charcoal which aids in detoxification.




Product Information

Our travel size Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin. It contains organic coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and odor causing bacteria, magnesium hydroxide which eliminates odors, and activated charcoal which aids in detoxification.

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Ingredients: Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Magnesium Hydroxide, Organic Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Natural Fragrance, Activated Charcoal

Application Tips: Hold the stick to your skin for a few seconds and then 1-2 swipes will do! Do not over apply.

Size: 0.75oz (21g)


  1. Like! Zmellz good and lasts a descent amount of time

  2. I love the ingredients in this product and the fact that it actually works!

  3. A bit sticky, but it does it’s job!

  4. Love it

  5. Fantastic smell and works great!

  6. Scent not too strong and effective.

  7. This is the only natural deoderant I’ve tried that actually works.

  8. High preforming product. Great on my sensitive skin. Plus it smells better than the average options.

  9. This is the first natural deodorant that did not give me a rash. It also works well through the entire day and smells great.

  10. This deodorant smells like Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies.

  11. You can workout hard and not sweat at all!

  12. I love it

  13. I received this in a subscription box at the beginning of the summer and is fantastic!

    My Vanilla Mint smells like Thin Mints. Not quite sure if I should be excited about my pits smelling like Girl Scout cookies… (Ha!)

    Application : Hold against your pit for a few seconds and your body heat softens it enough to get your two swipes in. Yep, I just do two swipes and I’m good. No shirt stains.

    Activity : I run, race, and do crossfit. Lately, it’s been over 90°, my body pouring sweat, and I’m still fresh.

    Effectiveness : Rarely* do I get a funky day. Really, it’s when I eat like crap… Rest of the time I’m odorless.

    Cons : As I’ve found with any deodorant made with coconut oil, sometimes it gets a bit… Oily? Moist? When it’s really hot. This product isn’t as excessive with that feeling as others.

  14. This stuff’s pretty good. I’ve been using it for a few days now with no adverse effects. Good, because my pits are super-sensitive and lots of deodorants, both natural and un, give me a rash. The smell is nice, if a little strong, but I find mild smells in deodorants tend to fail, so the smell is a plus. It does contain beeswax and goes on a little differently from most deodorants. Someone on here suggested letting heat up in your pit for a few and then give a few swipes. Good idea.
    I use natural deodorant when I’m not at work, but mainstream stuff on the job. I hope to find one that’ll hold up in both settings. Maybe this is it. We’ll see. I haven’t made the leap, because that ‘I’m-smelling-my-own-pits-halfway-thru-the-day’ thing is no fun, especially when you work closely with other people as I do.

  15. I’m a spin instructor and personal trainer. I originally got this deodorant in one of those monthly fit boxes and fell in love with it. I have the vanilla mint. You spread it over your pit twice, that’s it. And after using it I literally smell less in general!!! After workouts and throughout the day I smell neutral! Again, being in the fitness industry and allllllways sweating, it’s a pretty big deal to find something that can do that. After I used up my free one I went to the website and bought two more. I’m hooked!!

  16. The only problem with this scent is that it sometimes puts me in the mood for cookies; my waistline can’t handle much more…

  17. NOTHING worked for me! I mean nothing! Until I found this stuff. It’s amazing and I’ve put it through the test over the past few days. Today I was sweating like a horse and my armpits smell like that amazing vanilla mint scent which is so yummy! I’m so glad I found this and I pray they never stop making it. My only complaint is that it goes on very dry so I hold it under hot water before swiping it on my arm but hey, that’s a small problem for how well this works!

  18. I bought this at a grocery outlet for $3 less than this price but I’ll pay it if needed since this product works for me. Most natural ones hadn’t or some with baking soda left patches. I have also used Piper Wai which is more expensive by a long shot; the jar version is messy and the stick version wasn’t smooth enough to glide. I’ll stick with this.

  19. I love this deodorant and it works great for me and my partner. We both enjoy hiking and keeping active and using natural products. We have tried several natural deodorant over the last 2-3 years, and this is our favorite by far. The scent is amazing, like thin mint cookies! The only downside: it is sticky! I’m willing to deal with the sticky for a natural deodorant that works and smells so good!

  20. My boyfriend works in the heat all day sweating, this is the only deodorant that actually works, and as an added benefit switching to a more natural deodorant has caused us to sweat less

  21. I love my new Stinkbug Charcoal deodorant! I’ve been on a hunt for a safer deodorant that wouldn’t break the bank and this is the perfect solution!! I have the vanilla mint and it’s a nice scent, not too over powering. Looking forward to trying other scents in the future!

  22. You only need 1-2 swipes that last you the whole day. The smell is great. A calm mint smell with a touch of sweetness. Doesn’t smell like Vicks or Menthol. Kind of reminds me of a choco mint fragrance.

  23. I switched over from aluminum free deodorant about four or five months ago I have tried many brands to find one that I liked I did finally find one that works well and smells pleasant but it is pretty pricey. I seen the stink bug Amber and figured I would give it a try. So far i do like it the price is about half of the other brand I am using so that is a big plus. Aluminum free like I wanted and no baking soda as it turns my pits dark. Smell is decent not over powering. I do wish they had a sandalwood scent or something a little more masculine the Amber smells pleasant but could be unisex. Goes on pretty smooth but could be a little smoother my only real complaint is that when I use it it smears past the edge of the top plastic housing and if I don’t clean it off it gets on the cap and it pushes it down past the cap. I have been using this in the evening after I shower and in the morning the scent is almost gone. I do have a job where I get sweaty so I use my other brand in the morning since it seems to work better and last longer. With that being said I will be buying this again it does work and the price is decent and I will use this in the evening to off set the cost of the other brand I am using. Another thing to keep in mind if you are switching from aluminum free deodorant it took my body about three weeks to adjust and the first three days are the most adjustment so give your self some time.

  24. I really wish I would have purchased this scent during the summer, because it is so cool and refreshing. It smells strongly, (though not unpleasantly) of mint. It hasn’t irritated my skin, and it only takes a moment to warm up for it to be applied easily to the skin. Very much recommend.

  25. Ok the smell of this deodorant makes me hungry for dessert – the 5 stars is for the scent only, because it wears off after my normal workday hours. I don’t think it would make it through a workout. Every time I find these at Walmart they’ve been used, which is super weird. Hence why I order them from Amazon instead. They do arrive unused lol

  26. It’s better then other all natural deodorants that I’ve bought. I don’t think it lasts as long as regular deodorant and there isn’t much smell. It’s also kind of rough to put on but overall I would still buy again but in another scent. I bought the charcoal one.

  27. Amazing. I don’t stink aaaaand im not polluting my body. Win

  28. This is my second purchase and nothing has worked for me better than this. This is the only version of stinkbug I have used but I am not going to mess with a good thing, No complaints.

  29. I love the scent and I didn’t stink at the end of the day!! I break out whenever I use anything containing baking soda and my pits turn dark when I use antiperspirant. This stuff is perfect!! Will be purchasing more.

  30. This works pretty good on normal days. It wouldn’t keep me from smelling on stressful/hard work days – but for everyday it’s fine. And it doesn’t irritate my skin. The baking soda ones are terrible for me.

  31. At first it was a little stiff out of the bottle – but after a day it rubs on a lot easier now. Love the scent, not too overpowering and leaves a fresh feeling.

  32. One of the best deodorants I’ve ever had ! The scent is light & pleasant. Doesn’t irritate or become sticky. One application lasts all day.

  33. i like smell last all day the scent more pachouly could be more amber with sage not bad unique

  34. No B O after 24 hours. Works as well as any Antiperspirant Deodorant that contains Aluminum and The Scent is a Nice Neutral! I Highly Recommend This!

  35. This is a natural deodorant that actually keeps me stink and sweat proof.

  36. Great product. I have skin allergies to many chemical brands and this product is perfect for me. It is worth a try.

  37. That’s a products all natural had no odor and work really well

  38. Was a little skeptical at first but now I’m sold!

  39. Reviewed in the United States on February 3, 2020

  40. works great!

  41. Only thing that doesn’t irritate the skin

  42. I have tried every natural deodorant on the market. Jason’s, schmidt’s, even Native (which costs more than this) this is the only one that actually really works. with the others. I would sweat they my shirt right away. And or even worse, I stunk. I was wearing Native one day. Walked into the gym. Barely getting my workout started. Lifted my arm. And my God. I said dang. So much for trying an organic deodorant, this isnt working. My workout partner said “that’s organic alright ” LOL. But needless to say I thought natural ones were out the window. I received mine in a subscription box. So I figured I’d give it a try. Yes. It works!!!!! No smells. No sweating through my shirt by lunch. Buy this!!

  43. I really like the scent of this deodorant. It is light and pleasant. This deodorant is free of the bad stuff, like aluminum and parabens. It has been an effective product for me, I don’t sweat or smell. What I don’t like about it is the mess and color. It does not go on smoothly like other deodorants I have used, it’s kind of sticky and thick. Also, with the charcoal comes staining. It leaves a gray stain on my clothing. That is what I would improve, so I could have the pleasant-smelling scent with a smoother, stain-free application. I also tried the lavender, it smells nice but a little too strong for my liking.

  44. …it’s taken YEARS for me to find this product that actually works on me, wow ! Can’t remember the multitude of brands, styles, scents, and dispersing types of deodorants I’ve tried and nothing has ever worked either at all or if it did, for any amount of reasonable time till I found this one. No rash, no irritation, no nonsense, it just works and I can stand being around myself in the summer ! I think that the vanilla mint scent is great and subtle. In any case, I might have to consider purchasing a case of these. Great Product. Very recommended.