• Travel Stick Deodorants have arrived!

    You asked..we answered! Travel Size Stick Deodorants have arrived in Lavender, Tangerine Spice and Tea Tree! Aluminum-Free & GMO-Free = Stink-Free & Worry-Free!

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  • Welcome to Stinkbug Naturals!

    Thanks so much for visiting us! Our mission is to offer the most natural and effective deodorant, using ingredients that are recognizable in their raw state and serve a specific purpose. All of our deodorants are made with Organic, Aluminum-Free, Paraben Free and Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients. We love our customers and strive to bring a quality and affordable product to the forefront. Check out how so few ingredients can be so effective to so many!

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  • Stock up on our extra strength cream deodorants!

    We know you are going to love our two refreshing scents: Floral Lime & Tangerine Spice. We use organic shea butter for the excellent moisturizing qualities, sodium bicarbonate to eliminate bacteria, organic corn starch to absorb perspiration and essential oils for two scents that you will love!

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  • Get a sneak peek at what is inside our products!

    Take a look at what’s inside our amazing products. We use safe organic ingredients that help nurture the body from the outside in, so you can feel good about yourself and the world around you.

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Stinkbug Naturals is a Pittsburgh based company that produces a line of Aluminum-Free, non-GMO & Organic natural deodorants and lip balms to consumers worldwide.