The Stinkbug Naturals Range — Original

The Stinkbug Naturals Range — Original

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  • Amber Sage, Charcoal
  • Hibiscus Mint
  • Lavender, Charcoal
  • Raspberry Green Tea
  • Sandalwood + Vanilla
  • Tangerine Spice Organic
  • Tea Tree Organic
  • The Best Sellers Collection
  • Unscented Organic
  • Vanilla Mint Charcoal, Plastic-Free
  • Cedar Eucalyptus, Plastic-Free
  • Coconut Melon, Plastic-Free
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All Natural Ingredients You Can Actually Understand!

Coconut Oil
Made from tropical coconuts and leaves your skin feeling smooth & healed

Natural beeswax which softens and moisturizes the skin

Corn Starch
Naturally absorbent starch made from 100% maize

Magnesium Hydroxide
Naturally occurring mineral used as an alternative to nasty aluminum

Shea Butter
Enhances skin elasticity and leaves your lip with a lovely, aromatic scent

Patchouli Oil
Earthy, spicy, and musky scent from the Indian Patchouli plant

Tea Tree Oil
Fresh aroma from the Australian Tea Tree

Lavender Oil
Fragrant & refreshing lavender scent — need we say more?

Sodium Bicarbonate
Naturally deodorizing & detoxing — completely aluminum free

Activated Charcoal (in our Charcoal Range)
Absorbs moisture and leaves pores feeling open and clean

People Love Us

I have tried numerous “all natural”/aluminum-free deodorants for over 2 years. I always have the same experience of smelling musty or plain stinky after a few hours-always after working out/running. NOT with Stinkbug!!

tea tree deodorant

Thanks for all you do!

Shop Stinkbug natural deodorant

 bought the lavender (because I really like the smell of natural lavender) and I will never use anything else again, if I can help it. I don’t stink at work anymore, even in the summer. It’s unbelievable.

stinkbug deodorant vanilla mint

Y’all! I used charcole one before I bought the lavender (the store I get these from ran out of the charcoal one ) but the charcoal works so well no rash! And lemme just say I’m a big girl And stand on my feet and walk around A LOT at work so I sweat a lot and the charcoal really works well for me!

charcoal lavender deodorant

Over 1000 5 Star Reviews!





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  1. Best deodorant I’m aware of! Doesn’t stain my clothes, isn’t harmful, and is actually effective.

  2. This scent is everything and I absolutely love that it is plastic free. This and patchouli are my go-to’s after trying this product. Hopefully patchouli comes in plastic free very soon! (:

  3. Best deodorant I’m aware of! Doesn’t stain my clothes, isn’t harmful, and is actually effective.

  4. This is the only aluminum free deodorant that has worked for me, I have tried numerous of them after the first week they stop working I have spent lots of money for nothing I am thrilled that I’ve been using Stinkbug for three months and it continues working like a charm, FINALLY I came across something that really works, I am so grateful, thank you so much for a wonderful product.

  5. I absolutely love this Vanilla Mint natural deodorant. I was looking for a deodorant that did not have aluminum in it and came across this at our local Walmart. I couldn’t be happier and I just love the scent. I went back to our local Walmart recently since I will need to get a replacement soon and found out that they are no longer carrying this brand. I was so disappointed and thought that I was going to have to look for a replacement and simply couldn’t imagine there being anything better. Decided to do an internet search and was thrilled to find that the product is still available and it is just that our Walmart is no longer carrying it. Highly Recommend it to anyone that is on the fence about trying it.

  6. I first tried this deodorant earlier this yr, as a find at a discount store, sold under a different name. I found it to be exceptional, and looked for the company online. it is the BEST natural deodorant I have ever used. The original formula works best for me and keeps me odor free ALL day! Since it is chemical free, I also use a small amount under my breast as I am well endowed. It is now my go to natural deodorant! My fav fragrances are the lavender, patchouli, and cedar eucalyptus. The charcoal formula, however, was not as effective for me. Thank you for creating this natural, effective, and skin friendly formula!

  7. This stuff works! Once I figured out that I was supposed to warm it on my screen and then wipe, it was a lot more effective. I love the scents, and the deodorant lasts me almost ALL DAY! I usually have to reapply midday to keep fresh. I have very strong B.O, so finding a natural deodorant that is good for me and hides my stank is a tough task. Luckily I found this brand 🙂

  8. This is my favorite natural deodorant. It is fragrantly subtle yet lasts all day, even through vigorous workouts. I love using this deodorant when I cycle- at the end of the day, when I throw my shirt in the laundry basket, I always notice, despite being soaked with sweat, how amazing it smells

  9. Great ingredients Good smell Dont need to put on a lot.

  10. This deodorant works really well for my wife and daughters. They really like the smell. It also works as an antiperspirant for them most of the time. I think we all have sweatier days some days regardless of deodorant choice. The best part is that it is free of aluminum, which is important to us. It takes a couple of weeks to get used to this type of deodorant if you have been using antiperspirant for a while, so be patient if you give it a shot. Your body has to basically detox your underarms when you make the switch. Thanks..

  11. Best deodorant ever, even after a sauna no stink, that’s a WOW!! Two swipes per arm and you are done, no stain, no crumbling. Great ingredients, no aluminum etc. Love the lavender, tea tree and unscented as well. Will use forever and not change..

  12. This is an excellent product. I have very sensitive skin and I break out in itchy, painful rashes from other deodorants. I have searched for a deodorant that is all natural, doesn’t irritate my skin and keeps me smelling fresh and I finally found it. I love the Patchouli scent, so far it is my favorite. If they made a Sandalwood, I would love to try that. Thanks for making a great product..

  13. Just like someone else said, I found this at Marshall’s first and then came searching for more! I hate high price tags, and 10 for deodorant ranks right up there. However, this has been worth EVERY PENNY. It actually works. At the end of my day, I still smell like Patchouli or Tea Tree or Tangerine or Lavender(however, lavender didn’t work as well as the others). Find it isn’t working for you? Read the directions. I didn’t and was angry that it didn’t work well and one day I was just reading the container and realized I hadn’t been letting the deodorant warm up before I began applying. It helped. It helped so much. I am so thankful to find an aluminum free deodorant that works and lasts for a while. Praise be.

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