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Our Lavender Organic Deodorant is aluminum-free and contains coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration, and baking soda which eliminates odor causing bacteria. We also use the highest quality organic essential oils so you’ll be hard pressed to find another lavender deodorant as refreshing as ours!




Product Information

Our Lavender Organic Deodorant is aluminum-free and contains coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration, and baking soda which eliminates odor causing bacteria. We also use the highest quality organic essential oils so you’ll be hard pressed to find another lavender deodorant as refreshing as ours!

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• Monthly Subscription: $7.70
• Once Every Two Months Subscription: $7.70
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Ingredients: Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Organic Lavandula Hybrida (Lavender) Oil, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil

Application Tips: Hold the stick to your skin for a few seconds and then 1-2 swipes will do! Do not over apply.

Size: 2.1oz (60g)


  1. After having my child 5 years ago, something changed with my body chemistry and I could only find a couple of deodorants that worked. They have terrible ingredients in them! I have been looking for a healthy alternative to the traditional chemical-laden deodorants for some time now. I tried to make my own deodorant and that was an epic fail. I picked up a stick of your deodorant at my local Whole Foods. I didn’t hold out much hope for it working to keep me smelling fresh. I am so surprised and pleased that I have been using your deodorant for 3 days now, and after running, strenuous exercise, and a lot of yard work…I still smell like fresh lavender!!!! I could not be more pleased with your product, thank you so much!!! I am glad to support your company and tell all of my friends about your product! Thank you ?

  2. I have very sensitive skin, and my husband and I try to live a non-GMO diet! We have started to not only consume organic non-GMO but are also now beginning to watch what lotions, deodorants, shampoo etc we use and this is such a GREAT product! My husband and I love this stuff and it smells so good! Great job and I am sure glad I found you all ?

  3. Great product! Not easy to find natural GMO free deodorant. I dont eat GMO so no reason to put it on my body. Thanks for the product I am so glad I found it!!

  4. Loved this lavender! The smell is not overwhelming like I was worried about. Worked just as good as the chemical filled ones on the shelves! I’m hooked! trying new scents this order!

  5. Forever thankful!!! Thanks for sharing an amazing product with the world! This is the only natural deodorant that works for me and doesn’t stain or irritate my skin. I bought one at the store and when they didn’t have anymore I decided to check the awesome interweb and BAM here I am happy as can be that I wont be smelly anymore!

  6. I found out about all of the horrible ingredients that were in the deodorant I was using and went in search of an organic one. That’s how I found Stinkbug. I purchased the travel size to test it out and I fell In love. I was worried about it not actually working but it keeps me fresh all through my day (and I work in a factory haha). The lavender scent is delicate and isn’t overpowering. I HIGHLY recommend this product!

  7. It’s a very good deodorant and masks off my armpit smell, but I have a problem with the product. After a month of using the deodorant I noticed that I had a rash but thought it was just because I was sweating too much so I didn’t pay much attention. Until now I have noticed that my armpits hurt and checked to see that both armpits where both burned and where dark spots on my skin. Should I keep on using it or should I stop because I have sensitive skin but do not know whether to keep on using this deodorant or not.

    • Hi Juliana,
      Thanks for the comment! It could be a number of things. Most likely you have a sensitivity to the baking soda. However it could potentially be a sensitivity to the essential oils or your body is going through a detox. You may want to try our baking soda free deodorant. Please shoot us an email and we can set you up! – 🙂

  8. I was really excited to try this deodorant! It smells great and I loved that it had no chemicals or aluminum in it. I really wanted this product to work for me but after a month, I was itching my armpits constantly and I couldn’t ignore it any longer. It caused them to get dark spots and very dry. It didnt matter if I used lotion, shaved or didnt shave, it was less painful if i just didnt use it. The effects of this deodorant did not last long as I would have liked it to. My friend also got this product and experienced similar effects.

    • Hi Ashlyn! Sorry to hear of your irritation. It most likely is the baking soda. Have you tried our new charcoal line? It is baking soda free and we use magnesium hydroxide to eliminate odor causing bacteria. Please shoot us an email and we can help you out!

  9. I have tried numerous “all natural”/aluminum-free deodorants for over 2 years. I always have the same experience of smelling musty or plain stinky after a few hours-always after working out/running. NOT with Stinkbug!! I finally don’t feel like I have to carry it with me to reapply every hour. I’m a new mom and even went 2 days without showering and without reapplying and didn’t smell a bit! I’m so surprised there’s finally an aluminum free, healthy option that actually works!! Thank you guys so much for making an excellent product! I won’t be using anything else from now on!

    • So great to hear Bethany! Thanks for the feedback!

  10. I have to say i love the smell a lot , And it does keep you smelling fresh through out the day , However I am NOT IMPRESSED WITH HOW HARD IT IS TO GLIDE ON TO MY UNDERARMS …..Being it has coconut oil in this product it seems maybe that it hardens the product because I have had it the whole month of October Nov and almost done for December and the whole time its been a night mare having to hold it under my arms to warm it up to use it so I am NOT A Happy camper … I will not purchase it again for that reason ONLY.

    • Hi Sandra! Thanks for the feedback. Yes, we do use a coconut oil base so it does firm up in the colder months. For an easy glide, you should only need to hold it to your underarms for no more than 2 seconds. Another option is our cream deodorant which is a shea butter base and does not get as firm in the colder month. Hope this helps!

  11. I like this product as of day one… no burning and it lasted ALL day. Awesome job team! Keep up the good work. Do not go and change anything with this product. If you want to change something…. change to a more aggressive marketing strategy and get your name out there. The product will sale itself as more and more of us are awakening to organic and all natural products. I will update reviews from time to time. Thanks again.

  12. I literally am so heartbroken by the lavender one I was so excited to try it but it burned my armpits so bad it hurt to close my arms! HOWEVER, if you are experiencing this same problem there is hope Y’all! I used charcole one before I bought the lavender (the store I get these from ran out of the charcoal one ) but the charcoal works so well no rash! And lemme just say I’m a big girl And stand on my feet and walk around A LOT at work so I sweat a lot and the charcoal really works well for me! No rash no smelly pits! CHARCOAL FOR THE RASH PRONE PITS 🙂 Giving five stars because I love this company even after my bad experience all because the charcoal one is really the best one 😁

  13. I’d decided, about 8 years ago, to ditch the antiperspirant for deodorant, because I wanted to stop smearing aluminum under my armpits. I’m a 50+ woman, and, as you would imagine, I sometimes perspire a LOT. I work part-time in a production environment, and in the summer, the heat is pretty bad. I’d been able to have some mediocre level of satisfaction with other deodorants, but never at work; within an hour on the floor, I couldn’t stand my own smell, and had considered switching back to antiperspirants just for work (but I REALLY didn’t want to do this.) I started to experiment with different brands. The first time I saw Stinkbug was at Walmart (and my local Walmart no longer carries it). I bought the lavender (because I really like the smell of natural lavender) and I will never use anything else again, if I can help it. I don’t stink at work anymore, even in the summer. It’s unbelievable. I’m so glad this is available through Amazon now!!!

  14. I’ve tried many other natural deodorants in the past. I’m switching from Dove unscented. Initially the lavender scent was a bit strong, but I’ve gotten used to it now. I kept it with me during the first week or so, in case I needed to reapply at work. This is week four and it’s working out! Thank you!

  15. I have been using this deodorant for years. It works great and the lavender scent is light and fresh. Being able to buy it through Amazon is so convenient. Excellent product & service.

  16. I love this stuff. Its less greasy then the charcoal scent in the same brand. Its actually not greasy at all. And works better than all the other non-aluminum deodorants I’ve tried!!

  17. My wife loves the scent of the deodorant. She was using the unscented but now prefers the lavender scent.

  18. Keeps you dry and not sweaty. Nothing like the other natural deodorants. My boyfriend even uses this one and loves it.

  19. Love this product! I tend to break out with other natural deodorants but this one is the best yet. Trying the other scents to find the best balance for me.

  20. Not sold on the “ texture “ of this deodorant – it does control perspiration!

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