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All Natural Ingredients You Can Actually Understand!

Coconut Oil Made from tropical coconuts and leaves your skin feeling smooth & healed Beeswax Natural beeswax which softens and moisturizes the skin Corn Starch Naturally absorbent starch made from 100% maize Magnesium Hydroxide A naturally occurring mineral used as an alternative to nasty aluminum Shea Butter Enhances skin elasticity and leaves you with a lovely, aromatic scent
Patchouli Oil Earthy, spicy, and musky scent from the Indian Patchouli plant Tea Tree Oil Fresh aroma from the Australian Tea Tree Lavender Oil Fragrant & refreshing lavender scent — need we say more? Sodium Bicarbonate Naturally deodorizing & detoxing — completely aluminum free Activated Charcoal Absorbs moisture and leaves pores feeling open and clean

People Love Us

I have tried numerous “all natural”/aluminum-free deodorants for over 2 years. I always have the same experience of smelling musty or plain stinky after a few hours-always after working out/running. NOT with Stinkbug!!

tea tree deodorant

Thanks for all you do!

 bought the lavender (because I really like the smell of natural lavender) and I will never use anything else again, if I can help it. I don’t stink at work anymore, even in the summer. It’s unbelievable.

stinkbug deodorant vanilla mint

Y’all! I used charcole one before I bought the lavender (the store I get these from ran out of the charcoal one ) but the charcoal works so well no rash! And lemme just say I’m a big girl And stand on my feet and walk around A LOT at work so I sweat a lot and the charcoal really works well for me!

charcoal lavender deodorant

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  1. This product works great!

  2. My preteen son needed this. Smells great and no irritation on his skin.

  3. I am allergic to aluminum and Stinkbug doesn’t have any in it.

  4. Works a long time!! Seriously lasts me until the next day.

  5. Smells good, very light scent. Works very well to prevent body odor. I like it alot.

  6. Like! Zmellz good and lasts a descent amount of time

  7. I STINK and I’ve been struggling to find a natural deodorant that works. This one does! I’m so impressed. I suffer from night sweats and I even wake up stink free from what I put on the day before! Incredible.

  8. I love the ingredients in this product and the fact that it actually works!

  9. A bit sticky, but it does it’s job!

  10. Love it

  11. Fantastic smell and works great!

  12. Scent not too strong and effective.

  13. This is the only natural deoderant I’ve tried that actually works.

  14. High preforming product. Great on my sensitive skin. Plus it smells better than the average options.

  15. This is the first natural deodorant that did not give me a rash. It also works well through the entire day and smells great.

  16. The first natural deodorant that is gentle and leaves me stink free.

  17. This deodorant smells like Girl Scout Thin Mints cookies.

  18. Love this stuff!

  19. You can workout hard and not sweat at all!

  20. I love it

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