Coconut Melon Deodorant – Plastic Free
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Merging the same great product & organic ingredients with 100% plastic-free, sustainable packaging. Now natural can feel even better knowing the contribution you’re making to a cleaner you and a cleaner world.




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Now ECO-friendly!
The best-selling natural deodorant in the USA is now available in cardboard containers. Featuring a brand new, 100% plastic-free design, our easy-to-use push-up tubes make it simple for you to apply and enjoy the benefits of an effective natural deodorant…oh, and you don’t have to worry about adding to the landfills.

We offer 20% OFF all of our new subscription-based orders so you can enjoy things you really like doing without going through the hassle of re-ordering our products!

Below is a list of our pricing options:

• Single Purchase: $9.99
• Monthly Subscription: $7.99
• Once Every Two Months Subscription: $7.99
• Once Every Three Months Subscription: $7.99

Ingredients: Organic Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Corn Starch, Natural Fragrance

Application Tips: Hold the stick to your skin for a few seconds and then 1-2 swipes will do! Do not over apply.

Size: 2.65oz (75g)


  1. Stinkbug’s Coconut Melon Deodorant is my absolute fave! The tropical scent is pure bliss. 100% recommend 🙂

  2. So far very pleased with StinkBug deodorant. It’s hassle-free and gets the job done (my girlfriend no longer tells me I smell when I walk into a room). Also, I’m obsessed with this scent, it gives me a long lasting fresh vibe. Plus, it’s gentle on the skin, so no irritation here.

  3. Love love love this! I’ve been using this recently since my wife asked me to switch from Old Spice cos she’s pregnant. Functions the same, smells fresh and is cheaper! Winner!

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