Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant
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Our Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin. It contains organic coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and odor causing bacteria, magnesium hydroxide which eliminates odors, and activated charcoal which aids in detoxification.



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Our Amber Sage Charcoal Deodorant is formulated for sensitive skin. It contains organic coconut oil which harbors moisturizing and odor-fighting properties, beeswax to help solidify the consistency, cornstarch which absorbs perspiration and odor causing bacteria, magnesium hydroxide which eliminates odors, and activated charcoal which aids in detoxification.

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Ingredients: Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Beeswax, Magnesium Hydroxide, Organic Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Natural Fragrance, Activated Charcoal

Application Tips: Hold the stick to your skin for a few seconds and then 1-2 swipes will do! Do not over apply.

Size: 2.1oz (60g)


  1. I made the switch to natural deodorant over a year ago and found one that finally worked for odor. After a few months, though, I developed a rash that wouldn’t go away. Come to find out this can happen due to baking soda. Saw a recommendation from Coconuts and Kettlebells about this deodorant and decided to give it a try. I love it! Rash went away after a few days and hasn’t returned. Works pretty darn well for the stinks but does need to be reapplies after exercise or a hot day.

  2. I’m 4 days in with the amber sage charcoal and I think I finally found a natural deodorant that controls my stink. Been really pushing it. Not reapplying. Went from work, to a run, out to dinner and was not humming like I usually would be. Hoping the good results last. Only down side was that the scent the 1st day I put it on (loved it) is virtually non existant now. But, I am not stinky, so good enough!

  3. Better than anything I’ve tried so far (Kopari, Native), works really well for me anyway, and I’m a person that generally sweats a lot. Love the charcoal, and it has a great vanilla mint scent. I don’t have to reapply this like I have with other aluminum free brands. Do yourself a benefit and go aluminum free, seriously!

  4. I had been using Native deodorant for a while (which I really liked), but it started to leave red/dry patches in my armpits. After a little research it seemed that the culprit was baking soda. It was really hard to find a natural deodorant that didn’t have baking soda in it, until this one. The Vanilla Mint scent is so delightful and clean smelling. As with most natural deodorants, this is probably not for someone who is super smelly as the fragrance is pretty mild. The deodorant itself is grey in color but doesn’t leave any noticeable reside. It goes on kind of thick (almost a waxy sensation) but that doesn’t bother me. I love that I’m not putting harmful chemicals into my body and no BS.

  5. I wasn’t expecting it to work and didn’t care for the name so I said why not give it a try, so I did and to my surprise it worked after having a 2 hour work out sweating a lot this deodorant had me smelling like I didn’t worked out. I love that it is all natural and love the smell of vanilla and mint, why on earth would they call it stink oh well I would highly recommend this Stink bug.

  6. Love the smell! Most B.O. masking deos smell masculine or musky. This one is sweet. Lasted all day, even as I ran up and down the call center! It just blended into my skin!

    Update: Keep purchasing, on my 4th reorder. This stuff works and is now the only deodorant I use. Thanks for making a great product!

  7. I made the switch to natural deodorants more than 2 years ago. I have tried dozens of different brands and scents with varying ingredients. This is by far the best deodorant I have ever used. I don’t itch or chafe, and most importantly it seriously deodorizes. I work in an environment where sweating is inevitable and used to come home still smelling like I rolled around in a pig pen. Not with Stinkbug! It lasts all day and the Amber Sage smells perfectly woodsy.

  8. Right off the bat: this is a deodorant, not an antiperspirant. You will still sweat, it just won’t stink.

    Bought after receiving this product in a fitness-themed subscription box. I got the lavender one in that box, not a great scent for me. Bought the vanilla mint here instead, and it smells great. Not aggressive or too spicey/floral like the lavender was.

    Follow the directions on the stick. Warm it up on your skin first. It makes application a lot smoother. And believe me, 2 swipes is enough. I sweat a lot, especially since I’ve been working out 2x a day. I can smell this after working out and taking a shower! I think over application is why a lot of others say that it’s sticky or leaving residue on their clothes. I haven’t experienced anything like that after doing what the stick says.

    My skin is very sensitive, and other deodorants caused red marks and rashes. For reference, I used to use unscented Dove deodorant and antiperspirant in the “sensitive” variety, and that still caused redness. This is my first charcoal deodorant, and I love it. Redness is gone. No itch or rash. I don’t mind that I sweat more due to the lack of antiperspirant ingredients. I can handle that as long as it doesn’t stink!

    Major drawback is the price, obviously. Steep for a single stick of deodorant.

    Would definitely recommend for others with extremely sensitive skin.

  9. I LOVE the function, consistency & scent of the product (if I could give the vanilla mint 10 stars, I would — it makes me smell like a Thin Mint cookie!!!) And being a Holistic Nutritionist, I LOVE the magnesium concept! (I know I was absorbing it as it started helping with a chronic pain condition I have). But it STAINED my light colored bra! 🙁 I waited like it said I was supposed to, but it stained it & even after multiple washings I STILL couldn’t get it out. However, since this is still one of the best natural ones out there for the $$, I’m giving it another try — just do your expensive bras/clothes a favor & ONLY USE WHEN WEARING DARK COLORS!!

  10. This is by far the best deodorant I’ve tried! I just had a baby and noticed that I’m sweating a lot more than usual and it was causing me to smell awful! After trying the stinkbug, I’m not waking up in the middle of the day to reapply deodorant!

  11. I am so happy to have finally found a natural deodorant that smells so nice and works so well! The lavender smells great and seems to hold its scent for longer than I expected…well I haven’t noticed my own BO at least. I love that this doesn’t have aluminum or other potentially harmful ingredients. I worry about what the potential side affects will be if I do use a non natural deodorant. I’m more than halfway through this stick and have liked it so far and will continue to purchase in the future. It seems to keep my sweating to a minimum and hopefully my “stink” as well. Lol.
    The only complaint I have is the price….little too expensive for a stick of deodorant. But I did buy it and really like it.

  12. I’ve tried many natural deodorants and this one is one of the best I have tried. I have issues with many natural deodorants giving me a rash. This includes some brands’ “sensitive skin” varieties too. This one does not give me a rash and for the most part it works pretty well at preventing BO. However, it is super sticky and hard to get off. In the shower I feel like I’m scrubbing and scrubbing my armpits and I can still feel some of the stickiness. It could be better at smell prevention but so far it’s done pretty good compared to others I’ve tried. I think the only one I’ve tried that worked better was Kopari, but I like that this one is much more natural. Didn’t notice any staining of my clothes or anything like that. If they could just make it less sticky and easier to get off it would be my go to!

  13. It is very sticky but that is a good thing when I play volleyball for hours. Unlike other deodorants I have tried, this one definitely keeps the under arm order under control. It has a very sweet, pleasant smell. I highly recommend it if you plan on doing something that is going to make you sweat.

  14. I was waiting to review this product until I finished it, and now that I have.. Here I go
    I’ll start with the scent, it’s not a strong scent a little hard to smell once you apply it but it does stop BO.
    If you are looking for something with the power of Axe, this is not it.
    The texture is like wet clay, except it doesnt feel wet…? does that make sense..?
    Make sure not ti over apply because it does stick to your shirt real easily, however it also washes off easily.
    To be on the safe side, just dont wear a white shirt.
    Overall it works.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this deodorant. I’ve tried several other natural deodorants, including clay and baking soda-based. NONE of them worked even 1/2 as well as this one. I got the vanilla-mint scented stick and it smells amazing, lasts long, and even when I sweat buckets (like during my workout) it completely covers the odor. I’ve found that the clay-based I had to apply multiple times because I just sweated it off, and the baking soda-based covered the odor, but was irritating to my underarms. I could not have found a more perfect deodorant:)

  16. This is a godsend for people like me who have been searching for a good, natural deodorant that doesn’t irritate. I love the subtle smell of this one and the rash from other natural deodorants disappeared in less than 3 days.

  17. I’m trying to live as much of a toxic chemical free life as possible and this deodorant makes it that much easier. The name is fun and the scent is amazing! Best of all, it works fantastically well. It’s just a bit on the pricey side but to me…’s very worth it for the peace of mind that I’m not putting aluminum on my skin. Try it! What do you have to loose except potentially toxic chemicals?

  18. Bout this after using multiple different natural deodorants that always have me a rash after a week. That stopped after switching to Stink Bug! The smell is not over powering and it glides on smoothly. The only complaint I have is that it doesn’t do much for sweat and I do have to reapply in the morning even after taking a shower the night before or if I know I’mma have a particularly ruff day at work I just bring it with me to freshen up mid day but it’s nothing I can’t live with

  19. This is the second stick I get of this brand, but the first time I got the Tangerine Spice one, and that worked well. This time I got Lavendar, and it just doesn’t seem to work the same. I get stinky armpits by the afternoon. My armpits tend to sweat even if I’m not hot, so if you’re like me, you might not want to get the Lavendar.

  20. Great scent I love the mint. Wish this came in regular without charcoal because it stains my clothes and pits. Works well, just can only use for black/dark clothes. No baking soda so great for people who get rashes with others, I’m just not a fan of charcoal

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