Atomic Pits, Grizzly Bears, and Cavemen … OH MY!!!

Atomic Pits, Grizzly Bears, and Cavemen … OH MY!!!
December 10, 2014 Stinkbug Naturals
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Grizzly Bear

For over a year now, we have been kicking around the idea of presenting a masculine all natural deodorant and found it challenging coming up with a musk-like scent using zero fragrances.

We also wanted to present a name to inspire men to charge deep in the forest and wrestle a grizzly bear for a piece of salmon every time he would glide on our stink-repellent stick. With this in mind, we have tried different names such as Automotive, Gasoline and Caveman…none of which fit the bill. When a friend of ours took a whiff of the chauvinistic concoction, he immediatly responded with one simple, yet explosive word that causes the hairs on my arm to stand. ATOMIC. Yes-Stinkbug Atomic Deodorant has the birth right of a blend of all organic essential oils. One swipe of Stinkbug Atomic Deodorant will cause a low-fat soy latte regular to drink his coffee black…with grinds. Ummm…ladies? Please don’t feel left out! Women can use Atomic Deodorant as well leaving us feeling and smelling FIERCE!!!

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