• Our Story

    The Birth of Stinkbug

    Girl and Boy meet and fall in love in 2004.
    Girl and Boy marry in 2005.
    Husband is malodorous
    … for better or worse.

    Wife gets pregnant in 2010.

    Wife falls in love with unborn child and searches for a
    … more healthy, less toxic alternative to anti-perspirant
    … for the betterment of unborn baby and for husband and wife.

    Mama makes deodorants from her kitchen
    … for her mama and mama in-law
    … brother and brother in-law
    … friends and friends of friends.

    You get the point.

    Mama gives birth to two healthy baby boys
    … and the orders come rolling in
    … and so shall the circle of Stinkbug continue to a store near you …